Presentation points are earned at the final defense. The presentation rubric evaluates the powerpoint content and appearance, student knowledge, and presentation skills.

This document includes guidelines for the final defense powerpoint. Please notice the information about inserting product slides into your powerpoint.

Please feel free to use these samples as a good example of a powerpoint.

Also, you should ask to be invited to view one of the sample presentations. You can then complete the required review form here.
When your powerpoint has been approved, you will participate in a practice defense. You will not be graded on this practice; you earn points toward your process grade by completing evaluations of your classmates. The checklist for evaluating practice defenses is here:

After you have been reviewed by at least three people, you should complete this form.

If you successfully complete a practice defense, you will be scheduled for a final defense.
Your final defense, including the powerpoint, will be graded using this rubric.