The Senior Mastery Process

SMP was developed based on the belief that students must have opportunities to link what they are learning in school to the real world. This belief has been a strong conviction of the staff of Henry Ford Academy, the nation's first charter school developed jointly by The Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company, and Wayne County Regional Educational Services [[#|Agency]].

The Senior Mastery Process includes three sequential courses: Junior Workshop, Senior Practicum, and Senior Workshop. The process begins in the students' junior year. Junior Workshop is a seminar designed to help students develop the focus, materials, skills and plan for completing the field experience and final research paper and assessment.There are four major components to Junior Workshop: Learning About Self; Learning About [[#|Careers]]; Learning Skills, Developing a Professional Portfolio. The course develops career awareness and helps students make informed career decisions and choices as they prepare for their field work.

The second part of the program is the Senior Practicum, in which students complete seventy-five (75) hours of fieldwork over a ten-week period in a career area they have researched and identified as a possible future career. Students work in the workplace with an adult partner who provides meaningful learning opportunities for the student.

After successfully completing both the Junior Workshop and the Senior Practicum, the students take Senior Workshop. It is a ten-week course designed to support each student's work on the creation of his/her final assessment product, writing of a substantive reflection paper and preparation for the defense of the research findings.

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